dreaming of dead rats

Dreaming of Dead Rats Meaning

Rats and mice are often seen as a sign of a bad omen. Not only do they bring about disease, but cause lots of damage by eating and chewing through everything on their way. Besides, rodents are loathed for their traitorous behavior and selfishness. Because of this, most people often associate dreams of dead rats … Read More

Dreaming About Being Kidnapped

Dream About Being Kidnapped Meaning

Have you dreamt about being kidnapped recently? What did you feel in this dream? Was it you or was it your loved one that was kidnapped? These are all questions that you’ll ask yourself while trying to make sense of your dream. Dreams about abduction can be very intense. Dreaming about being kidnapped can leave … Read More

Dream Within a Dream

Dream Within a Dream: Scenario, Meaning & Interpretation

Dreams are a special part of our lives. They are a way for the universe to communicate with us. Good or bad, the dreams pass on a message, and understanding this will help you uncover the hidden truths about yourself and embrace the outcome. A dream within a dream is a very rare phenomenon experienced … Read More

bugs in hair dream

What Does It Mean to Dream About Bugs in Hair?

Have you ever woken up from a dream scratching your head? Not because you’ve actually got lice but because you had the strangest dream with bugs in your hair? What does that dream mean? And why did it appear to you? Read on to find out! You can be startled up in a revulsion by … Read More

what does it mean if you dream about someone repeatedly

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Someone Repeatedly?

Dreams are a very vital part of our lives. They help you process information and make sense of your day-to-day experiences. They provide an avenue for you to work through difficult situations and sort out your emotions. Dreams serve as a gateway into the subconscious mind. They are informative as they are entertaining. People often … Read More

Dreams About Eating Fish

Dreams About Eating Fish: What Does It Mean?

Throughout history, fish have been used to symbolize multiple phenomena, especially in dream analysis. Dreams about fish or eating fish can vary in interpretation. This is because the interpretation depends on the fish species, the context of the dream, and the feelings the dreamer harbors toward the fish. While dream interpretation is no definitive art, … Read More

Dreaming of a Cow

Cows in Dream Meaning & Symbolism

To some people, dreams might seem downright ridiculous and meaningless. But that’s far from the truth. In fact, research shows that dreams are a reflection of our subconscious mind. They warn us of uncertain circumstances we might find ourselves in. Also, they often foretell when joy and happiness are coming our way. Today, we’re going … Read More

Dreams About Snakes Biting You

Dreams About Snakes Biting You Meaning

Snakes inspire fascination and dread in a way that no other animal does. They’re agile and easily adapt to any situation, yet scary and dangerous, especially when threatened. Historically, snakes have played major roles in many religions and cultures. In some traditions, snakes signify growth, change, immortality, life, and creativity, while in others, snakes are … Read More

dead body dream meaning

What is the Meaning of Dream About Dead Bodies?

If you were to ask anyone, what is the creepiest dream they’ve had? Dreaming about a dead body would rank high on that list. It is a dreadful and unsettling dream yet unlikely to herald misfortune in your life. A dead man in a dream does not always mean misery or remorse. Before you can … Read More

Seeing a Dead Person Alive in Dream Meaning

Seeing a Dead Person Alive in Dream Meaning

Death is a devastating event that brings pain and misery to loved ones, family members, and friends. Despite being sensitive subject, most people exclude them in their normal conversations. Some even consider talking about death taboo. Like birth, death is part and parcel of life and could happen to anyone. With that said, death dreams … Read More