Dreaming About Hair

What Is the Meaning of Dream About Hair?

Dreams about hair are not uncommon. In fact, throughout the age’s hair has been used to symbolize different aspects of culture and spirituality. Some cultures even believe hair represents magical powers. That explains why witches were shaved during witch hunts. On the other hand, hair was a sign of fertility and love. A belief that … Read More

Dreams About Murder

Dreams About Murder: What Does It Mean?

Consider yourself lucky if you have never experienced waking up in a cold sweat after having a dream about being murdered or vice versa. These horrifying nightmares have the power to terrify you to your core. But are these violent nightmares just a by-product of watching too many true crime podcasts? Or is there a … Read More

dream of car being stolen

Dream of Car Being Stolen: What Does It Mean?

The majority of people believe that their car defines who they are. Therefore, having a dream in which your car is stolen can make you feel like a part of you has been taken away. Even though dreams of cars are common, this dream is so specific to the individual that they often wake up … Read More

Dreaming About Owls

What Do Owls Mean in Dreams?

Often seen as omens of death or bad luck, owls are feared and often avoided or killed by people. So, it makes sense that a dream about owls might make you feel uneasy or scared. However, there’s no need to worry or fear such dreams. Instead, consider them as a reflection of your waking life. … Read More

elephant in dream

Elephant Dream Meaning: Symbolism, Astrology & More

It’s not a surprise for animals to pop up in your dream. Today, you can dream of a panda, next week a squirrel, and sometimes a snake. Usually, when animals appear in dreams, they represent emotions, expressions, and the response of your natural self. They symbolize the part of your nature at odds with the … Read More

dream of plane crash

Dream About Plane Crash: What Does it Mean?

Did you dream of a plane crash and are feeling a bit troubled? It’s not uncommon for people to see planes crashing in their dreams — this doesn’t mean it’ll happen in your waking life, though. What you do need to know, however, is that this dream is sending a critical message you should heed … Read More

dreams about sharks

Dream About Sharks: What Does It Mean?

It can be terrifying—to say the least—to see sharks in your dream. Whether small or big, their size doesn’t matter — nobody wants to be around them. Sharks, for one, are not friendly creatures and usually attack. Hence, any dream about sharks carries a lot of fear with it. However, there’s more to it than … Read More

dream of killing a snake

Dream of Killing a Snake: Meaning & Interpretation

Have you ever wondered why certain animals appear in dreams? Each creature carries a variety of symbolic meanings imprinted in our collective and personal psychology, which can reveal more about our internal psychological state. Snakes are common dream images and very rich in symbolism, as they can be seen across many cultures. They can point … Read More

mirrors in dreams

15 Meanings of Mirrors in Dreams

Feeling disturbed about the strange dreams you’ve been having? Are you having broken mirror dreams or creepy reflections staring at you in your dreams? Mirrors are known to represent luck, so many people that track their dreams take mirror dreams very seriously. There are a variety of explanations and beliefs about what a mirror dream … Read More

Dream About Your Own Death

Dream About Your Own Death: What Does It Mean?

One of the most unsettling things that can happen to you while you are sleeping is to have a dream about death, whether it be your own or the death of a loved one. Dreams that involve death may give you the impression of a bad omen, but you shouldn’t put too much weight on … Read More