dream about ants

Dream About Ants: What Does it Mean?

If you’re familiar with Aesop’s fables, you probably know that ants are hardworking, industrious, and always planning for a rainy day. While these traits don’t apply to every ant, studies show that most ants stand out for their strength, determination, and amazing building abilities. They will also fight to the death to protect their queen … Read More

dream about robbery

What Is the Meaning of Dream About Robbery?

For a good reason, people have been curious about dream interpretation for a long time. Dream interpretation can help you come to realizations about your feelings and thoughts, which can help gain personal insight. We’ve all had those nightmares that caused us to wake up in a complete panic before we realized they were simply … Read More

dream of escaping

Dreams About Escaping or Running Away Meaning

When we are in a dangerous position, escaping or running away is a strategy that will ultimately help us save ourselves. However, in our modern age, the act of escaping has many different implications. We have the potential to cognitively and emotionally withdraw from both happy and negative situations. Dreams about escape from something could … Read More

Poop Dream Meaning

Poop Dream Meaning: Good Luck, Money & More

It’s common to have dreams of dead loved ones, animals, tattoos, superpowers, and even hair. But do you know what other dreams are common? Dreams of poop. Yes! You heard us right. We spend an average of 250+ days in the toilet in our lifetime and produce about 24,230 lbs. (11,030Kg) of poop by 70 … Read More

dreams about glass breaking

Dreams About Glass Breaking Meaning: 18 Scenarios

Have you ever dreamed of broken glass and wondered about its meaning? Perhaps your first thoughts are related to negative interpretations or widespread superstitions about glass. In reality, dreams about breaking this material can also offer many positive meanings. The symbolism of glass itself carries a duality. This material can be associated with clarity and … Read More

dreaming of hugging someone

Dream About Hugging Someone Meaning

It is not a coincidence that a hug is associated with very positive feelings. Hugging implies physical touch between people, which causes the release of oxytocin and the experience of happiness and affection. Similarly, having such a dream is often related to a sense of calmness and love. It can bring back dear memories to … Read More

kittens dream meaning

What Does It Mean to Dream of Kittens?

People often encounter weird things in the dream world all the time. For instance, you might meet new people, undertake new activities, or even gain new abilities. But sometimes, your dreams play host to more common things, like kittens. But what does it mean to dream of kittens? With the help of this article, you … Read More

Dreaming About Hair

What Is the Meaning of Dream About Hair?

Dreams about hair are not uncommon. In fact, throughout the age’s hair has been used to symbolize different aspects of culture and spirituality. Some cultures even believe hair represents magical powers. That explains why witches were shaved during witch hunts. On the other hand, hair was a sign of fertility and love. A belief that … Read More

Dreams About Murder

Dreams About Murder: What Does It Mean?

Consider yourself lucky if you have never experienced waking up in a cold sweat after having a dream about being murdered or vice versa. These horrifying nightmares have the power to terrify you to your core. But are these violent nightmares just a by-product of watching too many true crime podcasts? Or is there a … Read More

dream of car being stolen

Dream of Car Being Stolen: What Does It Mean?

The majority of people believe that their car defines who they are. Therefore, having a dream in which your car is stolen can make you feel like a part of you has been taken away. Even though dreams of cars are common, this dream is so specific to the individual that they often wake up … Read More